2nd Creation Session at YCAM

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I took part in the second creation for the upcoming dance project between the great flamenco dancer Israel Galvan and YCAM InterLab. Here is a video (produced by YCAM InterLab) which documents the first creation (January 2018) and outlines the main concept of the performance.   Israel & イスラエル(Teaser) from YCAM on Vimeo.

MAX Summer School at Tokyo University of the Arts

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I attended the first MAX Summer School organized by Prof. Suguru Goto and Prof. Masahiro Miwa at the Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo, JP). The four-day workshop focused on exploring features, tricks, and coding practicing for MAX/Msp-Jitter.

Tsukuba Media Art Festival 2018

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I will present an updated version of the exhibition “Life in the Space-Age: Experiments of Art and Technology in Zero-Gravity Environments” at the upcoming Tsukuba Media Art Festival 2018 (Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan). Among the others, the exhibition will features works from Takuro Osaka and GRINDER-MAN.

Presentation at Mizuho Research Tokyo

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We presented our work-in-progress research during a meeting of Mizuho Research on AI and start-ups.

Best Poster Award at Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference, Tokyo 2018

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We got the Best Poster Award, together with a start-up grant at the 2018 Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference in Tokyo!   We presented the following project:   Arvin Lapiz Valderrama, Sakura Maezono, Kotaro Sakamoto, Alberto Boem, Takato Honda, Hikaru Takatori, Takuma Yagi. TelepaSee: A Mind Scanner. 7th Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference 2018, Tokyo (JP). 2018/03/03.

IEEE VR Conference – DC Consortium

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I took part at the Doctoral Consortium of the 2018 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces. This year the conference was held in Reutlingen, a small town near Stuttgart (DE). During the Conference, I presented a short paper “Encounter-type Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Reality Musical Instruments” (co-authored with my Ph.D. advisor Prof. […]

Engineering Residency at YCAM InterLab

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From November 2017 to February 2018 I moved to Yamaguchi-city, the capital of Yamaguchi Prefecture. During this period I joined YCAM InterLab for my Engineering Residency. During my Residency, I participated at the pre-production and 1st Creation Session of a new dance production of YCAM involving the great flamenco dancer Israel Galvàn, and in collaboration with Qosmo Inc. Stay tuned. […]

New look

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I drastically changed the template of this website. Enjoy the new look!