A collection of various experiments 


A circuit for a one electrode brain-computer interface. A series of filters and an amplifier. It worked…but not in a great way. Very noisy.                 

Interface Culture, Linz, AT, 2011-2012.






A circuit I developed for encoding sound into light and transmitting it to another device.

Interface Culture, Linz, AT, 2012.



Similarly, these were a series of reactive circuits that can be chained together to create responsive visual games.

Time’s Up, Linz, AT, 2012.





Around 2012 and 2014 I work on a series of circuits for creating an effect unit for analog video signals. I used the prototype during the 2012 Germany tour of Elettrofandango, as a part of the live visual workstation I made. It was cool, but I never made a ‘final version’.

Below, my face, eye, and mouth captured with a video camera, processed by the effect unit, and displayed on a CRT monitor.

Linz, 2012-214.





This was a prototype for a strange sound device. It consists of a modified portable audio cassette player, which direction and speed were controlled by a heart-beat (pulse) sensor. Actually it’s quite interesting, I should fix it and make something with it…

Interface Culture, Linz, AT, 2013.