Ursuppe (2013 – 2015) is a participatory sound performance including fruits, vegatables, jelly, electronics and people.

An unstable soundscape of drones and oscillating rhythmic figures, repetitive patterns that changes over time.

The sound is produced by a series of oscillators that are connected with organic materials, whose are conducting electricity and therefore modulating the electronics that are connected to them.

Electricity and performers are then modifying the materials, trying to find and keep interesting sound patterns that emerge.

Ursuppe, is the german word for “primordial soup”. The audience is invited to join and become a fundamental ingredient of the soup.

A network of relations between organic and inorganic creates a sort of “moist media”, through which people are asked to get their hands dirty.

“Try to connect a cucumber with an apple”

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Recetas Culturales, Bilbao, SP, 15.01.2015

All Frontiers, Gradisca d’Isonzo, IT, 14.12.2014

Palinsesti, San Vito al Tagliamento, IT, 7.12.2014

Piksel Festival, Bergen, NOR, 13.11.2014

roBOT Kidz, MAMBO – Museo d’Arte Moderna, Bologna, IT, 6.10.2014

roBOT Festival, Bologna, IT, 4.10.2014

Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, AT, 4-8.09.2014

Sónar+D, Sónar Festival, Barcelona, 12-14.06.2014

MNAC – Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, RO, 7.03.2014

The Art of Vernissage, bb15, Linz, AT, 20.12.2013

Rother Krebs, Linz, AT, 25.05.2013


Live at Rother Krebs (Linz, AT, 2013)

Live at MNAC – Museum of Contemporary Art (Bucharest, RO, 2014)

 Live at Sónar  (Barcelona, SP, 2014)

Live at Ars Electronica Festival  (Linz, AT, 2014)

Live at roBot Festival 07  (Bologna, IT, 2014)

Live at Piksel  (Bergen, NOR, 2014)

Live at Recetas Culturales  (Bilbao, SP, 2014)



Soundwall.it, December 2014

Il Gazzettino, December 2014

Artribune, December 2014

Polpetta Mag, October 2014

Post Digital Node – Sonàr+D, June 2014


Ursuppe was part of the “Art of the Vernissage”, an exhibition about art, food, and technologies developed with Prazlab.