Featured on Sound and Recording Magazine

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The Japanese leading magazine “Sound and Recording” published a detailed report on “Israel & イスラエル“.

Presentation at IEEE VR 2019 in Osaka

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I presented my paper “Human Perception of a Haptic Shape-changing Interface with Variable Rigidity and Size” at the Poster Session of the IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces, which was held in Osaka (JP).

Paper accepted at ACM DIS Conference 2019 in San Diego (USA)

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Since November 2017 I started to collaborate with Dr. Giovanni Maria Troiano (Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA) on a new research project regarding deformable interfaces and the definition of Non-Rigid HCI. The first outcome is a full-paper entitled “Non-Rigid HCI: A Review of Deformable Interfaces and Input“, which was just accepted at the upcoming ACM […]

Doctor of Human Informatics

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On March 25 I got my Ph.D. Degree in Human Informatics at the University of Tsukuba (JP). Thank you a lot to my supervisor Prof. Hiroo Iwata, and to my thesis committee members such as Prof. Hideaki Kuzuoka and Prof. Hiroaki Yano. Thank you also Prof. Aki Yamada.

World Premiere

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On February 2-3 we had the world premiere of the dance production “Israel & イスラエル“, at Studio A of the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM) in Yamaguchi, Japan. Here is a group picture of the creative team behind this piece.  

3rd Creation Session at YCAM

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In January and February 2019 I took part in the 3rd and last creation session for the upcoming production “Israel & イスラエル“.

2nd Creation Session at YCAM

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I took part in the second creation for the upcoming dance project between the great flamenco dancer Israel Galvan and YCAM InterLab. Here is a video (produced by YCAM InterLab) which documents the first creation (January 2018) and outlines the main concept of the performance.   Israel & イスラエル(Teaser) from YCAM on Vimeo.

MAX Summer School at Tokyo University of the Arts

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I attended the first MAX Summer School organized by Prof. Suguru Goto and Prof. Masahiro Miwa at the Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo, JP). The four-day workshop focused on exploring features, tricks, and coding practicing for MAX/Msp-Jitter.

Tsukuba Media Art Festival 2018

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I will present an updated version of the exhibition “Life in the Space-Age: Experiments of Art and Technology in Zero-Gravity Environments” at the upcoming Tsukuba Media Art Festival 2018 (Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan). Among the others, the exhibition will features works from Takuro Osaka and GRINDER-MAN.

Presentation at Mizuho Research Tokyo

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We presented our work-in-progress research during a meeting of Mizuho Research on AI and start-ups.