Here some projects on which I have collaborated at various levels.
Maybe my contribution was not fundamental, but it was really great to work together with many inspiring people.


1. TIME RIVER Public Installation

2. TelePaSee

3. AR system for Cognitive Science Experiment @ University of Tsukuba

4. Collaborative Game @ Large Space

5. EEVIAC: Musica per gli occhi. Illustrazioni di Luca Camilotto

6. Chicks on SpeedCoyote Hustle

7. Mycophone

8. Sounding Popables




TIME RIVERPublic Installation (2019-on)

An interactive installation consisting of a group of moving platforms that represent through their variable height and movement real-time data (which are also visualized). 

In collaboration with Kanta Horio of Ponoor Experiment Inc. (client: Rhizomatiks Design). The final version has been produced by TASKO.

The installation can be seen on the last floor of the Shibuya Ski Building – Scramble Square (Tokyo). 




Additional hints about the prototype can be found here.





TelePaSee (2017-on)

TelePaSee aims to re-invent communication between people through wearable devices using signals generated by our brain. We aim to develop a novel portable EEG device that combines image and sound capture together with Deep Learning. The project is a collective effort of a team composed of researchers from HCI, neuroscience, AI, and biology from the University of Tsukuba and the University of Tokyo. We participated in several competitions for start-ups (i.e. Leave A Nest) and won an encouragement award at Tokyo HyperInterdisciplinary Conference. My role is in envisioning the interaction scenario, UX, and designing feasibility and user studies.




AR system for Cognitive Science Experiment @ University of Tsukuba (2016)

I development an AR application (using Oculus Rift SDK2 and OVR Vision Pro) to be used for a series of cognitive science experiments in the Empowerment Studio at the University of Tsukuba.




Collaborative Game @ Large Space (2016)

In collaboration with my colleague Erich Floris Marc Arden (AI Lab) and other researchers from Waseda University, we built a collaborative game in the “Large Space” of the University of Tsukuba. The “Large Space” is the biggest immersive environment in the world, developed by Prof. Hiroo Iwata at the EMP Studio of the University of Tsukuba.

We wanted to create a game with multiple players in which they could compete with each other. Our concept was based on the idea of air hockey, in which two players try to shoot a puck into each other’s goal. Because we wanted the game to work with any amount of players we reversed the concept, making the players act like a puck and run around trying to score points. Scoring could be done by collecting items. Another challenge for the players was avoiding pucks which were moving around in the game world. As time progressed the number of pucks in the game increased. We also implemented some basic physics allowing players to kick pucks toward each other.






EEVIAC: Musica per gli occhi. Illustrazioni di Eeviac  (2016)

Spazio Zero, Oderzo (IT), 24.1 – 6.3.2016

This exhibition tells the personal approach of Eeviac in the creation of his original artworks, developed for Cds and Lps of several Italian and international artists.

For this event I have developed a special systems for diffusing sound on wooden panels. Each panel collect the final artwork and the sketches for a particular record. Each record is played by a series of speakers mounted behind the panel. When a user approaches it, the volume will get louder.

Photo: Eeviac Artworks




Chicks on SpeedArtstravaganza (2014)

Along with some of my colleagues at the Interface Cultures Lab, I appeared as a voice on the track “Coyote Hustle” of the 2014 album of the Chicks on Speed named “Artstravaganza“.





Mycophone (2012)

I was involved in the development of the first prototype of “Mycophone“, an artwork by Saša Spačal, Dr. Mirjan Švagelj, and Anil Podgornik. Here, I was in charge of developing the electronics, controller, and analog sound synthesis.

Developed at the Ljudmila Media Lab, Ljubljana (SLO), September 2012.


                                                                                                                           Photo: Saša Spačal




Sounding Popables – Interactive sounding pop-up books (2011)

SaMPL – Sound and Music Computing Group, University of Padova (IT)
IUAV, Venice (IT)
High-Low Tech Group, MIT Media Lab (USA) (2011)

Sounding Popables was a research project with the goal of developing continuous sonic interactions in augmented pop-up books.




I have contributed to the development of one of the prototypes included in the paper “Paper Mechanisms for Sonic Interactions” presented at the 2012 ACM TEI Conference.